Capacity building

This involves several activities implemented to strengthen the skills and capacity learning of members of the association and other journalists covering human rights stories in Somalia. The programme aims at enhancing the capacity of the journalists to undertake their various interventions in defense of human rights. The Association will deliver trainings to enable its staff to accumulate the required skills and knowledge to effectively impact on the human rights situation in the country. Human Rights Journalists will also explore opportunities for its staff and members to enhance their contribution to human rights promotion and  protection.

Under this, AHRJ-Somalia will undertake out-reach programme for university and colleges targeting Mass-Communication and journalism students to nurture them into human rights journalism. HRJ will arrange in-country and out-of country internships and exchange programmes for the students and practicing journalists to facilitate cross-fertilization of experience, knowledge, specialization and replication of best practices to enable them advance the human rights agenda in Somalia.